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Comment traiter des données géospatiales en 2022

Anagraph offre des services en traitement et visualisation de données géospatiales. Si la partie cartographie web est la pointe visible de l’iceberg de nos travaux, la partie traitement et ingénierie de données est celle sur laquelle nous apportons une plus value majeure pour les grandes et moyennes organisations que nous accompagnons. Nous allons partager ici […]

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Exploration of the 2021 Population Census Data

The first Statistics Canada release of the 2021 census data was just a few weeks ago. Though a little hard to navigate, the census is a unique view of our country. The census is also a data scientist’s dream come true, especially considering the time period it covers. The article presents some of our findings […]

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Introducing LocalPop – A High-Resolution Population Model in Canada

We believe that data-driven decisions can make a difference in a specific moment of someone’s life and our world. Insights require accurate data at the right temporal and spatial resolution. But collecting raw data is not enough to derive insights. Normalizing events related to demography is critical to derive insights and inform business decisions.  LocalPop […]

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3rd Party Data Integration at Scale – A Use Case with StatCan 2021 Population Data

Introduction Getting 3rd party data to fit the requirements of a specific context is no small feat. There is a belief that an untapped and ever-growing pool of data is just waiting for us to use. Leveraging external data requires more than just understanding the options available and selecting which one is relevant.  Data is […]

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Not the Shortest Path – Convert a Directory of Satellite Images to a Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG)

Not The Shortest Path – Ep. 0 🌎 📡 💾 What is ‘Not the Shortest Path’? I really enjoy writing and sharing some of my ideas or work, but I have been struggling to create a consistent habit out of it. I find it difficult to let go of what others might think. I am committing […]

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